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6 Different Uses for Your Baby’s Muslin Swaddle Blanket

1. Blanket: As a blanket, Muslin is light and soft. It offers warmth and breathability. Thanks to the lightness of the muslin you can cover your baby without disturbing. The product fits easily into the baby bag as it is too small.

2. Swaddle: The Muslin is breathable but insulating, soft as possible and a little stretchable thanks to its woven structure, making it perfect for the swaddle.

3. Car Seat Cover: Your little child can throw a muslin swaddle blanket on top of it while sleeping.
It can also be used comfortably in the car to keep it darker and/or away from the sun.

4. Burp Cloth: Just sling the muslin swaddle blanket over your shoulder before you burp your baby and watch as it soaks up all that spit-up! Don’t worry about over-washing the fabric because muslin actually gets softer with every wash, making it an extremely durable fabric.

5. Playtime Cover: A muslin blanket is a great cover for your play bed when your baby tries to turn or try to explore slowly on her belly. Soft and gentle to the touch, with natural flexibility.

6. Nursing Cover: If you need some privacy whilst nursing, simply cover yourself and your baby lightly with the muslin blanket while you breastfeed. Muslin’s natural weave makes it a breathable fabric, thus ensuring that your baby doesn’t feel hot under the blanket, and remains cozy & comfortable.