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About Us

Hello, We are Birgie!

Established 2015 – Dortmund.

Birgi Rock in Turkey


Our aim is to create quality products with the traces of the tradition, with the functions to meet your modern lifestyle needs. We aim to make our products cost-effective without sacrificing the quality, because we’d like you to get the best quality both for your baby and for you. We offer our customers a wide range of peshtemals, muslin blankets with different design, color, material and size options.
Birgie name is derived from the ancient Birgi village, located on the southern slopes of  Tmolos Mountain (Bozdağ), rising in the heart of Asia Minor. Birgi’s history is based on Lydia Civilization which has been discovered and used Golden Coins in the first time.
 Custom Design

All of our designs have been carefully designed by designers working within our brand.


 Customer Satisfaction

After receiving our products, we are always ready to answer your questions for customer satisfaction. To do this, please fill out the customer form and send to our e-mail address. We guarantee the highest quality and competitive prices with excellent customer service. By means of focusing on customer satisfaction.


 Friendly Website

We thought about you while preparing our web site.  Therefore, we prepared the most practical web site design. Enjoy the shopping!


 Hand Made

Our products are woven with traditional methods. Tassels / fringes are hand-made tied by women, living nearby houses


 Custom Labels

Along with our own collections, we help our customers with their private label requests such as their own design, color, embroidery, label and packaging requirements. As Birgie team, we look forward to working with you!



Our production is in Denizli, the heart of home textile manufacturing  in Turkey, whereas our  headquarter and distribution center are located in Dortmund, Germany. As yarn we use Turkish cotton, which is considered as the best cotton in the world. Moreover, we give utmost importance in manufacturing the highest quality products.


Quality yarn is a must for the production of quality towels. Cotton yarn, made from short and dirty colored fibers imported from the far east, is shown to be filled and soft with silicone-like chemicals. If the towels you bought are hardening after a while, the towel you bought is probably from far east origin. The unused fabric piece, yarn and bad quality cotton are converted to cotton again on machines and then reinforced with polyester and re-threaded yarn is called a regenerated yarn. Direct contact with the products produced by regenerated yarn is dangerous for our health.


All of our products are produced by using dyestuffs suitable for human health. No harmful chemicals used. Environment and human health are the priority criteria of our company. Our product environmentally friendly and requires less energy to launder.


100% Turkish Cotton peshtemals and muslin blankets, multi-purpose and made in Turkey which is the source of the world’s best cotton and cotton related products. We are working with the best ‘designers and quality suppliers’ for different product series with quality and style.