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Cotton Kimono Peshtemal Bathrobe Birgie Minimal- Anthracite - Birgie Home

Cotton Kimono Peshtemal Bathrobe Birgie Minimal- Anthracite

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Product Description

  • %100 Turkish Premium Cotton
  • M/L Standart Size, Space Saving
  • Absorbent, Quik Drying, Light Weight
  • High water absorption
  • Oeko-tex®

•Peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel. They have been used in Turkish bath for 600 years. (Hammam is an Anatolian bath)

•Our 100% high quality cotton fabrics. Resistant to frequent washing. Cotton peshtemal will be softer in every wash.

•Even if the towel is one-third of its weight, its water absorbency is high and very fast drying properties.

•Perfect for carrying these facilities are ideal for spa, bathroom, travel, gym and beach. Thanks to its compact form, Turkish peshtemals are fast drying towels.

•The fastness in dry will surprise you. It is an excellent towel that is thin and light, very easy to carry.

•Very little space in your luggage or bathroom cabinets. It is a must have product for anyone traveling. Peshtemal is also a practical alternative to thick bath towels in your bathroom.

•Provides less energy and detergent consumption. Environmentally friendly, sustainable, fair, vegan, skin friendly and hygienic.